My Deeper

For all your Deeper products and services

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    Track your order status and delivery

    Through your My Deeper account we will send you notifications of your order status. You can also track delivery once your order has been dispatched. Create your My Deeper account today to get order status notifications and delivery tracking.

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    Manage your Deeper profile

    Use your My Deeper account to manage and update your Deeper profile. This includes basic profile data, your delivery addresses, your agreements, any support tickets you have submitted and their status, and newsletter subscriptions.

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    Sync all your data from the Deeper App

    We provide free mobile data syncing and secure cloud storage for all you fishing data. This means you never have to worry about losing your maps and scans, plus you can access them on other devices just by logging in to the Deeper App. Set up your My Deeper account to enable data syncing.

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    Review your maps and scans on Lakebook™

    Lakebook™ is a web portal (maps.deepersonar.com) where you can view, analyse and share the maps and scans you make with your Deeper Smart Sonar. Once you have set up your My Deeper account, your data will be synced with our secure servers and accessible on Lakebook™.

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