Bass are waiting
for their next bite! Here's how to get them.

Bass are waiting  for their next bite!
Here's how to get them.

Find them, feed them, reel them in!

Check out these tips to catch more bass.

Weather and location are key

Try to avoid fishing after a cold front. When looking at a weekly forecast, fish the day before the big temperature drop. You can easily check the weather forecast on the Fish Deeper app. Choose a good location using depth maps for the waters you scanned yourself or subscribe to Fish Deeper Premium and download depth maps of your region.

Identify bottom structures

Look for objects in the water that are different from its surrounding areas, like sunken trees, a single boat dock, drain pipes, large rocks, or a small patch of cattails. Isolated structures are the perfect hunting grounds for hungry bass. Use Deeper sonar to find these spots and use suspending jerkbaits and crankbaits to cover a lot of water quickly. Reel in crankbaits as fast as you can.

Look for vegetation

Lots of it! It offers bass shelter, higher oxygen levels, and are great ambush points to catch prey. Weedless topwater frogs are deadly when fishing water with floating plant life. If the fish are not active on the surface, try throwing a weedless jig into open water pockets. Search baits work well while fishing the edges of a weedline. Scan the waters with Deeper sonar to easily find weedy areas you can't see.

Go for river channels

Most large bodies of water are located on top of old river/creek channels. Fish use them as underwater roadways. They hold many schooling bass. Sometimes they're visible from the surface, but if not, use Deeper sonar to scan the underwater terrain. Focus on creek channel curves or bends. Fish typically slow down in these areas, which makes them easier to target.

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