Looking for a castable, but very powerful fish finder? If so, then meet Deeper CHIRP+, the first ever, portable, castable fish finder to incorporate CHIRP sonar technology. I’ve had the opportunity to use it extensively and am happy to say, I’m extremely impressed with Deeper CHIRP+. It is probably the finest sonar I have ever used, for several reasons, which I explain below.

This report documents my field testing of Deeper CHIRP+. I did not discriminate in field testing the Deeper CHIRP+ fish finder vigorously and used it in several situations, including ice fishing and open water situations.

Unboxing Deeper Chirp

Unboxing and Quick Guide

When it arrived, I took it out of the shipping box, the first impression of the Deeper CHIRP+ packaging was very impressive. It really looks and feels professional. I love the new box very much! Let me just say that again, I LOVE THE NEW BOX! It’s great and I am less likely to drop one of the screw attachments with the new box.

The Deeper CHIRP+ fish finder is easy to open and close, just like all other Deeper wireless fish finders. I love the color of it, the green is great and perfect in situations when you want the fish finder to be less visible to the fish.

Everything is set up in the box to be user friendly, and the quick guide is easy and simple to follow. A new beginner to Deeper would be able to follow the quick guide and get set up easily. Overall, my first impression is Five Star. It’s a solid looking fish finder and packaged beautifully. Deeper hit a home run with it.

Fishing with the Deeper CHIRP+ Fish Finder

First thing, the battery

The Deeper CHIRP+ battery lasted forever! I was using it ice fishing and could not get it to run out before I got so cold, I had to pack up. I took it out on the ice four times and it just kept going.

It still had 12% when I took it to the Gap and Grotto lakes for open water testing. Now this is where I was blown away with this Deeper fish finder. At 12%, I was able to nearly map the entire Grotto Lake!

What’s interesting is that at its lowest battery charge, the fish finder was working like a fully charged unit and sending info to my tablet over 100 yards away, more than a football field!!! I kept increasing the distance, the signal uptake was fast, accurate and working perfectly until the battery finally ran out. I was laughing and my wife, Laura, could not believe how far away I was with the Deeper unit.

I recharged the unit in my truck on site. It took 1 hour and 9 minutes to fully recharge Deeper CHIRP+. That is much faster than my Deeper PRO+ charge time.

Chirp scanning frequencies

Amazing three beam frequencies for mapping lakes and ice fishing

Now the beam angles are great. At Ghost lake, the ice was over 3 feet think on water over 100 feet deep. The narrow beam cut right through and delivered fast information to my phone and tablets.

The fish markers were nice arches and even without the fish icons on, I could identify fish.

The wide beam was great for mapping at Gap and Grotto, fast uptake and superior graphics made it easy to see fish with or without the fish icons. I was able to observe fish holding on the edges at Grotto right, on 9 feet depth. At Ghost, in 100 feet of water, I could see fish as distinct arches and distinguish between bigger and smaller fish.

The Deeper CHIRP+ fish finder also did an amazing job in the ice fishing tip up hole. I was able to observe fish moving in and out and taking my tip up bait. During ice fishing, I was able to observe larger smelt baits right down to 1/8th oz jigs with imitation maggots for bait. The fish finder had no issues showing the bait on the chart or the flasher.

Deeper CHIRP+ is lightweight and easy to cast

Casting the Deeper CHIRP+ was easy. I was using a 7ft medium heavy St. Croix Premiere fishing rod, with an Abu-Garcia Revo Premiere PRM30 Reel loaded with 20lb Sufix 832 line and a 30lb leader. I was able to drop the Deeper CHIRP+ anywhere I wanted, without issue. I found it easy to really launch it out.

I was able to get the Deeper CHIRP+ to go a long distance and was impressed at how the satellite and uptake was fast and accurate, making it easy to map large sections of the lake from shore without hassle. Best part is I did this in the Rocky Mountains, out of cell phone range!!!! IMPRESSIVE.

Excellent performance in shallow water

The Deeper CHIRP+ is great shallow water! Using wide beam mapping mode, I was able to read 4 inches of water with no clutter or sonar noise. This was impossible with other Deeper units I have used.

Deeper Chirp shallow water

My closing remarks about Deeper CHIRP+

I am truly impressed with the Deeper CHIRP+. It is durable, stands up to the test at -25C and works great at long distance even when the battery is low. I believe Deeper CHIRP+ is a big step forward in wireless fishing sonar technology. This unit provides everything an angler needs for a day of fishing and then some. Deeper has hit a home run with this product.

Gary C. Love

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