Wanna know where predators are lurking?

Wanna know where predators are lurking?

Find your next catch with one of these

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1. Find the best spot with Deeper Sonar

✓ Simply cast it out from the shore or scan the waters with it attached to your boat, kayak or SUP.

✓ You'll see all the data you need on your smartphone or tablet screen.

✓ Create depth maps to get the complete picture of any waters you fish.

2. Identify features predators love

✓ Easily locate target species by looking for pits, sunken trees and slopes.

✓ Even spot the predators themselves.

✓ See when they are coming for the lure and get ready to reel them in.

3. Also fishing on ice?

✓ Know it's the right spot before you set up; just drill and drop Deeper Sonar into an ice hole, and in seconds you’ll know if this hole is worth fishing.

✓ Track your lure and see if the fish are interested with a dedicated ice flasher display including zoom feature, so you won’t miss any of the action.

✓ Land fish easily with no wires or transducers in your ice hole.

✓ Never forget a great spot – every ice hole you fish is automatically saved on your phone using GPS.

4. Explore waters and review your data on any device

✓ Get everything you need to get you started with your sonar sent to your email.

✓ Access your data on your phone, tablet or computer and review it anytime.

✓ Easily plan your fishing trips with a free 3-month Fish Deeper™ Premium subscription that comes with your sonar.

✓ Explore lake depth maps to get an even better view of the waters.

✓ Know the best fishing spots even before traveling to a location.

Not sure which sonar to get?

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+ 2
Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+ 2
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO for Advanced and Recreational Fishing
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO for Advanced and Recreational Fishing
Each Deeper has its own price
Target Separation
Target Separation1cm / 0.4“1cm / 0.4“2.5cm / 1“
Sonar Beams
Sonar BeamsThree angles (47°, 20°, 7°)Three angles (47°, 20°, 7°)Two angles (55°, 15°)
Built-in GPS
Built-in GPSApprovedApprovedDisabled
Create Bathymetric Maps from Shore
Create Bathymetric Maps from ShoreApprovedApprovedDisabled
Fast Charge
Fast ChargeApprovedApprovedDisabled
Battery Life
Battery Life15h9h6h

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