Boat Fishing with Deeper Sonar

✓ Get detailed fish finder data live on your smartphone, including depth, structure, fish arches and fish icons

✓ Mount in seconds to any vessel using the Deeper Flex Arm

✓ Transfer from one boat to another or cast out

✓ Cast up to 100m to map or scan hard-to-reach areas

✓ Troll or cast to create your own maps live on screen, with no cell or internet signal necessary

✓ View, share and analyze all your maps on your computer using Fish Deeper™

✓ All charts free and downloadable, and all maps automatically transferred to the Fish Deeper™ web portal

How to use Deeper for boat fishing

Getting the tech you need to catch like a pro doesn’t have to cost the earth. Because they use your smartphone screen to display data, Deeper sonars offer a powerful, flexible, affordable sonar set up for boat anglers

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Live mapping

Create detailed underwater maps of any location by trolling (PRO/PRO+/PRO+ 2/CHIRP+/CHIRP+2) or by casting (PRO+/PRO+ 2/CHIRP+/CHIRP+2)

Powerful, accurate scanning

The Deeper PRO/PRO+ fish finders scan down to 80m and have a 2.5cm target separation, while Deeper PRO+ 2/CHIRP+/CHIRP+ 2 scan down to 100m and have a 1cm target separation.

Smooth trolling

WiFi connectivity and a scan rate of 15 scans per second offer smooth trolling for mapping and fish finding.

See more, know more from your boat

  • Professional display with 3 color palettes, adjustable sensitivity, optional vertical flasher

  • Create detailed maps live on screen as you troll

  • See fish and features as you map

  • All maps and scanning history saved in the app

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Boat fishing with Deeper – Pair, cast, see fish, map

  • 1. Pair with your phone or tablet in seconds

  • 2. Cast out up to 100m to scan hard to navigate spots or troll

  • 3. See fish, depth, structure and features as you troll

  • 4. Map any location (PRO and CHIRP series models) live as you troll

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Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar for Boat Fishing

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