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Deeper Flexible Arm Mount

Flexible Arm Boat Mount

This flexible arm boat mount turns any kayak or boat into the most advanced fishing vessel, creating a high-capacity sonar system through your smart phone or tablet. It securely fastens your Deeper sonar to any water craft, giving a professional fishing experience. Main Features: a Deeper boat mount for a range of vessels. Best option for: kayak and boat fishing

Deeper mount

Ideal for all small water craft

Deeper smart sonars are versatile, high-capacity echo-sounders that work perfectly on board any small water craft: boats, kayaks, float tubes, etc. So use the versatile Deeper Flexible Arm Mount to fasten your Deeper device onto your boat or kayak, giving you smart sonar data and leaving plenty of room for fishing and paddling.

Deeper Flexible Arm

Ruggedized for intensive use

The Deeper Flexible Arm Mount can be adjusted to operate at a variety of angles. The universal ¼ 20” (quarter twenty) screw makes it compatible with track rail systems and mounting bases of boats and paddle sport equipment. It can also be clamped to both metal and plastic. The Flexible Arm Mount can be used in any conditions, in any water type and at a higher speed than that possible when using a simple fishing line. Produced using high strength materials, this product is built to last.

How to use

  • Place the security strap onto your Flexible Arm Mount. This is an extra guarantee, ensuring there is no chance of losing the mounting system holding your Deeper device.
  • Screw your Deeper device on to the Flexible Arm Mount using the top attachment point.
  • Fasten the crab clamp to the Flexible Arm Mount.
  • Clamp the mounting system to your water craft. For the most secure fastening, clamp the crab clamp to a rounded object. Then fasten the other end of the security strap to your water craft (not to the mounting system itself.)
Make sure to fasten Flexible Arm Mount securely; when properly applied it will never be lost or damaged.
The Flexible Arm Mount is easy to remove and relocate. You can clamp it to objects ranging in size from 0.2in/0.5cm up to 2.4in/6cm, making the Flexible Arm Mount system ideal for a diverse range of marine environments and craft.
Tech Specs
Compatibility: Compatible with the most boat/kayak mounts; paddle gear tracks
Arm tube length: 20” (50cm)
Arm tube diameter: 0.06″ (0.14cm)
Screw: ¼ 20” (quarter twenty) male
Clamp diameter: 0.2″ (0.5cm) – 2.4″ (6cm)
Clamp length: 8.7″ (22cm)
Flexible Arm length: 28.7″ (72cm)
Material: Aluminium piping; stainless steel locking system
Color: Black & Metal