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Do more with your lake maps

New feature: Introducing Lakebook – the Deeper Data Manager. Now you can plan your next fishing trip with all your maps available to view on your computer screen. Then download your GPS and depth data. Plus, whatever happens to your phone, all your bathymetric maps are still accessible. This new piece of Deeper software is easy to use – it automatically transfers your maps from your mobile app. So just login to lakebook and start doing more with your maps.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to using Lakebook.

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A few words about your data

We understand how important your data security is. That’s why you can only access your own secure data on Lakebook. No other Deeper users have access to your data. If you have questions about how your data is used, please go to our support page or contact our support team at To review our app privacy policy, please click here.

Create personal lake maps

With Deeper smart sonars, creating your own detailed lake maps has never been easier. The free-to-download Deeper App does all the work, with its huge database of downloadable maps and its advanced software, capable of processing detailed sonar data in real time. Anglers using Deeper can create Bathymetric (depth contour) maps both from the shore (with the PRO+ model only) or from a boat, kayak or float tube (with all Deeper models). These lake maps are ideal for locating the areas with most bite, and best of all, an unlimited number can be stored in the app.


Boat Mode

Mapping in Boat Mode is simple (a works with any Deeper model). Just download the map for your country or state (once downloaded, you can use it offline anywhere, anytime), then attach you sonar unit to whichever watercraft you’re using with the Deeper Flexible Arm Mount. Select Boat Mode and you’re good to go. As you move around the lake or river you’re mapping, color-coded depth data will be added to the map in real time. This feature will use your smartphone’s GPS to set your exact location. When you’re done, archive the map and you can access it again any time.

Onshore GPS Mode

Fitted with an internal GPS receiver, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is the only sonar available that can be used to create bathymetric maps from the shore. Simply download the map for your state or country, select Onshore GPS Mode, and cast out your Deeper unit. You can then create accurate maps of the water bed by simply casting out your Deeper device then slowly reeling it back in.

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How to read bathymetric data?

Maps created in Boat Mode will show a white line and coloured areas of the lake. The white line shows the route of your boat. The colours correspond to the depth recordings picked up by your Deeper device, with orange the shallowest, then yellow, green and blue, which is the deepest (see the scale indicated below).

When using your Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ in Onshore GPS Mode, the Deeper device icon shows the location of your device in the water. As you reel it in, the map will fill in with colour based on the depth data the unit receives.

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How To Get Free Offline Maps?

The Offline Maps feature in the latest version of the Deeper App lets you map the waters you fish and is a handy tool for navigation and trip planning. Simply select the relevant map for your country or state, download for free (for quicker download times, we recommend doing this at home using you home WiFi connection). Once downloaded, your map can be opened anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have an internet or mobile connection. Planning a fishing trip abroad? Deeper smart sonars are used in over 50 countries worldwide, so why not download the map for the country your visiting. Any bathymetric maps you create can be viewed again in the history section of the app.

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Advanced navigation

Make full use of your offline maps by using them to plan your fishing trips. Mark all the points of interest straight onto your map – good parking spots, nearby fishing tackle or gear rental shops, the best fishing spots or nice places for a bite to eat.

All maps can be stored and accessed at any time, enabling you to create layers of unlimited information. It means all the information you could need for a successful fishing trip is available in one place – your Deeper app.