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Mapas de lago

Automatic Lake Map creation has never been so easy. Free Deeper Mobile Application does all the work, automatically processing the Deeper Sonar data in real time. Deeper users can easily create, use and store unlimited custom maps. It can be created both when shore fishing or using a small water craft, kayak or float tube.


Boat Mode

When operating Boat Mode (available using all three Deeper devices) you can mark the real time lake data on top of your archived offline map and display directly on your smartphone screen. This feature uses your smartphone GPS to set your precise location. All maps can be archived and accessed at any time to improve your fishing efficiency.

Onshore GPS Mode

When operating Onshore GPS Mode (available only using Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+) the internal GPS receiver is activated. Even while standing on the shore you can draw a water bed map of the area where you cast your Deeper device.


How to read bathymetric data?

The white line on a map is a track of your boat or other water craft (when operating Boat Mode) in accordance with your smartphone GPS record. When using Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ and operating Onshore GPS Mode the internal Deeper GPS is in use and you can track the Deeper device icon on your smartphone or tablet screen. The colourful scale on the map refers to the depth changes. Shallow waters are coloured in orange whereas the deepest spots are displayed in blue. It makes it handy to ascertain the key fish-holding areas.


How To Get Free Offline Maps?

The Offline Maps feature inside the updated Deeper App facilitates lake mapping and the overall Deeper navigation. It allows to use your area map even when the Wi-Fi Connection or Mobile Data is off. All you have to do is to download a free country map using the Deeper App when online and store it on your smartphone. This feature is at its most advantage when used at remote areas with no Wi-Fi connection or when abroad to avoid higher internet access fees.


Advanced navigation

Make a full use of offline maps and plan your fishing trip. Mark all the Points of Interest – make a note where you left your car or boat, spot a fishing tackle shop nearby, track your previous fishing spots and mark the new ones, make a remark about the weather, mark a nice picnic spot or remember useful rental place. All maps can be stored and accessed at any time, enabling you to create layers of unlimited information and develop your own significantly accurate maps.

Using the offline map, you simply can’t get lost. You can access your area map at any time and navigate yourself and your crew out of watery and wild surroundings.