Are you a fan of portable sonars but unhappy with the range? The new range extender kit from Deeper solves this problem and allows anglers to scan the water with pinpoint accuracy — even at long distances.

Practical for all tech-savvy anglers: the Deeper Range Extender Kit.

A portable sonar is a blessing for an angler who doesn’t have a boat; it’s invaluable for spotting schools of fish or big predators while fishing in huge water bodies. If you wish to reach remote fishing spots on the water — and own a bait boat without integrated sonar — you should consider the new Deeper Range Extender Kit and the Deeper Tripod. The conventional Deeper Pro +2 sends a signal from up to 100 meters distance — this is exactly where the Range Extender kit comes into play: The kit doubles the range by a distance of 200 meters.

Deeper Range Extender Kit: Peak connection for carp fishing with bait boats

Optimal solution for bait boat anglers who need a stable connection over long distances between smartphone and sonar. The kit includes:

  • Deeper Range Extender
  • Smartphone & Deeper Range Extender mount
  • Deeper bait boat sonar mount

Compared to other range extenders available in the market, Deeper's product does not require any IT or software engineering skills. The range extender is easy to use and can be easily mounted on the smartphone or sonar without any complicated setup.

An overview of the extender kit items

The extender kit includes three components.


The Deeper Tripod: Ideal for the Deeper Range Extender Kit

The Deeper Tripod is a practical fishing accessory with various functions. It is the perfect addition to the Deeper Range Extender Kit. The tripod fixes the range extender at the height required for the best connection between the smartphone and the sonar.


  • Ball head allows positioning at various angles
  • Four leg sections provide stability and robustness to the device
  • The 1/4″ screw with external threads can fit in various bores for different uses and configurations.
  • Load capacity of 8 kg
  • Max height 136 cm
  • Minimum height 51 cm
  • Folded size 37 cm
  • Only 1.18 kg weight
  • Black finish
  • Made of aluminium alloy
  • Can be used in all conditions

For the best connection between the smartphone and sonar, fix the tripod of your mobile at an optimal connection height. When folded, the Deeper tripod fits into any travel bag.

You should extend the tripod to a height of at least 1.20 meters to ensure the best transmission. The range extender should be in the direction of the Deeper logo, not the other way around

The Sonar Security Strap, which is a part of the kit, should be fitted to protect the Deeper if the attachment comes off.

For connection, the boat must be at most 5 meters away.

The Deeper is fitted in the plastic shell with a small metal pin

Just press the button and wait to connect. The range extender is quite easy to use.

The small plastic arm is attached to the boat with a Velcro plate. This should be glued on 24 hours before use. Caution: do not position it directly under the hook eyelet.

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