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  • Nathan Edgell

    Pike angler

    “With its extended casting range (100 m / 330 ft) and strong WiFi connection, it has really given me an edge in determining where to place baits on shelves and drop offs, casting lures and finding the features that will be holding fish.”

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    I have tried many fish finds similar to this, but this is by far the best sonar/fish finder on the market for the average fisherman. Whether from a small rowboat or the shore, it will help your fishing and catch rate tremendously! I highly recommend this product!

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    Mark Alan

    This is absolutely amazing! I've used it in the ocean and in a pond. The depths, temperatures, plant life and most importantly, fish life, are displayed on my phone. There are so many great features - love this product!

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    Brian Sears

    Alsolutly brilliant,clear readings on screen depth, bottom compossion, water temperatures and fish holding depths. Wouldn't be without it when visiting unknown fisheries, rivers lakes and coast. Works a treat, highly recommended.

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    Ben Spicer

    So simple and so effective

    Fantastic product. So simple to use. The feedback you get on underwater features is second to none. This has really helped to improve my fishing and allows to find features quickly and efficiently. Added bonus is it can also show fish in your area.

  • Matthew Perring

    Carp and predator angler

    “With its strong WiFi connection and superb casting range (100 m / 330 ft), to my mind it really is going to become the future of feature/fish finding.”

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    Neil Thomas

    Great bit of kit, would not leave home without it

    I was a bit sceptical how good the deeper was when I first purchased it.. That soon changed when I took it out for the first time. Wow what a fantastic bit of kit. it definitely gives you an extra edge. I'm still playing round With it but I'm using the onshore gps mode so I can go back and review. All my friends I have shown it to want one as it's helped them out with their fishing too. The only little thing is I wish you could export your saved history as I wanted to put it in a article I was writing . Fingers crossed that might happen later on down the line


Deeper CHIRP+ Review by King of The Catch!

"Technological advancements have made life easy, and fishing is no exception. If you’re thinking about fish finders, then pat yourself on the back! But buying the right one may not be a cakewalk, especially with so many options to choose from. So, when I got to try the Deeper CHIRP+, I didn’t waste any time and got down to business.

Today, I’ll help you find the best fish finder GPS combo for the money with this detailed Deeper CHIRP+ Review."

Niels Thomas

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