How To Use Your Deeper Smart Sonar

  • The first step in using your Deeper Sonar is ensuring it is charged correctly. Understand how to charge it correctly, what the different colour lights indicate and when you are ready to use.

  • The second step in using your Deeper Sonar is understanding how to connect it with your smartphone and which attachment point to use. Watch this video to ensure you are able to do it correctly.

  • The third stage in getting comfortable with you Deeper is to understand the Sonar Display. we know it can be intimidating, so we have broken it down as simply as possible.

Unboxing & Reviews

  • With the water temperatures low and the fish still hiding our deeper hero John Flewin takes you through how he has found the fish and had been rewarded with 3 x 30s this winter.

  • in this video Carl and Alexexplains the features of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ and how they have used it in their fishing.

Shore Fishing

  • After using the Deeper for the first time, a change of swims as the sun got higher was in order, did it pay off? Watch to see how Harry goes about trying to get a bite with very limited time!

  • Having never been to the venue before we talk through the tactics we used on the trip and how we approached the venue. Daniel manages a new P.B and between us we land 33 fish including 8 over 40lbs up to 52lbs.

  • Description - Here is a video demonstrating how to create a bathymetric map of a waterway using the Deeper Pro+ smart sonar.

Ice Fishing

  • Save your energy and time out on the ice with the lightest, smartest ice flasher ever. Just drill and drop to find the best spots and monitor all the underwater action.

  • Join Mike from Deeper together with our pro-fisherman Saulius as they pick the best spot for targeting mid-season perch. Learn how to spend less time looking for an ice fishing hole to fish at.

  • The mercury is falling, which means it’s time to try out Deeper’s Ice Fishing Mode. Use your Deeper as a traditional ice fishing flasher, switch to amplitude scope mode to track your lure, zoom in for more detail, or use split screen mode to see the flasher and regular displays.

Boat/Kayak Fishing

  • Introducing Deeper, over the last few weeks I have been putting the Deeper Sonar Plus through its paces. From skinny creeks, rock ledges, shallow reef and large bait schools deeper has proven itself as an incrediably valuable

  • Elijah and Paul from the Fishing Montana channel headed out to the incredible East Rosebud Lake for some incredible fishing and it did not disappoint!

  • Uncle Catfish and the rest of Rut and River Pursuit Podcast guys fishing Lake Meade in Pennsylvania. Finds really nice structure with suspended crappies and makes a killing there!