Deeper CHIRP+ Now €60 off!Incredible price and limited stock, so don't miss out on this deal!

€319 €259

Deeper CHIRP+ Now €60 off!Incredible price and limited stock, so don't miss out on this deal!€319 €259

The One Sonar to Make It All Happen

Fishing is a passion that's hard to resist. That feeling when you're here and now, waiting for that one magic moment. When time stands still and you reel it in. The thrill and the catch in your hands. Give your friends and family, or yourself, the one gift to make this all happen.

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+

Special Price€259.00Regular Price€319.00

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+

Deeper CHIRP+ is the world’s first castable, GPS enabled, Wi-Fi fish finder that utilizes CHIRP technology. The three beam frequencies, crisp clarity and extreme accuracy make it ideal for quickly locating target species holding spots, pinpointing predator fish and fishing in extreme depths. CHIRP+ gives you the strategic edge to catch more, catch faster and catch better.

Special Price€259.00Regular Price€319.00
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  • Richard Handel

    The CHIRP+ is an amazing step forward in sonar technology, within such a small bit of kit that the everyday angler will be able to fit in their tackle box. It will be a must have item and the capabilities of the CHIRP over the PRO+ are so much greater.

  • Stephen Nelson

    I know this particular lake very well but the Deeper CHIRP+ proved itself invaluable in identifying a shelf from which I’ve caught a few fish in the past, but I could never quite find the exact feeding spot.

  • Andy Parr

    The Deeper CHIRP+ has taken sonar technology to a new level, this device not only allows me to accurately map out swims and find features with minimal effort, but now it gives me a clearer reading of what I’m angling over and the lake bed.


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