Hungry carp are waiting for you! Keep scrolling to find out how to get them.

Hungry carp are waiting for you!
Keep scrolling to find out how to get them.

Find them, feed them, reel them in!

Check out these tips to catch more carp.

Big carp weather

That's a thing! Low pressure and strong winds that change direction are something to look for. You can easily check the weather forecast and more to plan your fishing trips with the Fish Deeper app.

Go for silt beds, channels, and gullies

Carp are naturally drawn to these areas as they offer plenty of food. Identify these spots and more with Fish Deeper Premium. Get free 3-month trial.

Look for vegetation

Weedy areas offer warmth and plenty of food for carp, so that's where they'll be during colder temperatures. You can also look for them where vegetation meets hard bottom. Explore the waters to find them by scanning with Deeper sonar.

Find ideal feeding spots

Clean fishable areas are ideal to drop your bait. The carp will be feeding a lot more before really cold temperatures set in. You can scan the waters and find such spots without disturbing the fish using Deeper sonar.

Also fishing for pike?

Here are some tips to get them.

Find a good location beforehand

Save your time for fishing and check out lake depth maps before you go fishing. You can analyze maps for the waters you scanned yourself or subscribe to Fish Deeper Premium and download depth maps of your region.

Identify bottom structures

Look for pike in the shallower, weedy areas – these are their ambush points. Knowing how tall underwater weeds are will help you choose the correct lure and hook when pike fishing. Use Deeper sonar to scan for depth and structures to make sure your lure goes just above the weedline.

Find baitfish, get pike

Don‘t rely only on fishing structures that are visible above the water. You can easily spot schools of baitfish in open water as well as predators hunting them with Deeper sonar.

Cast your lure downwind

While fishing from a boat, do not drop the anchor immediately after seeing fish in Deeper sonar readings. Instead, position your boat further from that spot and against the wind and cast in the direction wind blows.

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