A no.1 worlds fishing app and top smart sonar has reached an incredible success in less than a year. More than 50 distribution countries, partnership with Apple and top rankings on Amazon isn’t enough for it though. Now Deeper is entering the EFTEX exhibition.

Deeper Fishfinder is the first wireless smart sonar in the world. It was introduced to the market by Friday Lab in 2012 and since then has attained a viral success. Deeper got noticed and became extremely popular among various anglers all over the globe. Now Friday Lab team is proud to state that the Deeper app is no.1 fish finder application on Google Play and App Store reaching hundreds thousands of downloads.

Once it all started, Friday Lab was just a tiny Lithuanian startup initiated by few young entrepreneurs but it experienced great success and rapid growth from the very beginning. During 3 years of constant development, learning and research more than 50 people had their hands in the project. Now Friday Lab has become an ambitious international company creating innovative devices and focusing on advanced technologies.

Last year, Deeper has really taken off in popularity. What was recently just a small niche device, has turned into an extremely desirable item worldwide. It has gained such popularity because it is really light, small, compact, and portable. It is possible to take it anywhere and use it in places traditional sonars cannot. On top of all that, Deeper Smart sonar provides same performance as most well-known sonars.

Deeper team is also proud to say that the product is available in more than 45 countries and provided by more than 50 distributors. It took only 1 year for Deeper to reach all those markets and the number of partners is still constantly growing. It is estimated that numbers will be doubled by the end of 2015, or maybe even faster. Though not only tackle stores work with Deeper. It is crucial to mention, that it collaborates with many world famous brands like Cabela’s, Amazon, Apple, Leeda, Motonet, and even more. These companies have very strict quality requirements, so as does the Deeper.

Friday Lab is also happy to be the official member of European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) and American Sportfishing Association (ASA). They are also regularly attending various exhibitions and events like ICAST’13 Las Vegas, CEBIT’14 Hannover, Pescare Show’14 Italy, KOFISH’14 Korea, RYBOMANIA’14 Poland, FEHOVA’14 Hungary, and the others.

This year Deeper is finally entering EFTTEX. Team of no.1 bestselling sonar on Amazon Europe and US is encouraging pro anglers to come to the stand and check the premium quality product. Want to partner up? They are always open for new business opportunities everywhere in the world! As it was mentioned before: Deeper has no plans to stop.