We, at KidsFishinNation, are family organization founded on getting more KIDS outta the house and onto the water fishing. Today, KIDS are so overwhelmed by schedules and plans, that taking time to enjoy simple and relaxing activities, like fishing, are basically unheard of. One of our goals is to show parents, grandparents, families and mentors, that teaching KIDS to fish can have many positive benefits. Fishing is a great way for families to come together and create memories they will always cherish.

At KidsFishinNation, we spend our time fishing with kids, teaching and having fun, after all, having FUN is the most important part. We have grown to be one of the largest social media sites solely dedicated to promoting KIDS fishing. We can be found on Instagram and Twitter @kidsthatfish. We invite young anglers and families to share their fishing pics with us to post. Remember, just 1 rod and 1 fish can make a big difference for a KID.


KidsFishinNation (@kidsthatfish) have this to say about Deeper START fish finder:

When we got our Deeper START fish finder, the KIDS immediately wanted to put it to the test. It uses its own WiFi and after an easy set up with the Deeper App, the KIDS rigged the unit up and gave it a cast. With a steady retrieve, the Deeper immediately started to scan fish, displaying them on our smartphone and each fish scanned gave off a indicator sound. This was very exciting and engaging for the KIDS. Cast after cast, the KIDS enthusiastically scanned different areas of the lake because it sparked their curiosity and created interest. We look forward to using our Deeper START to show more KIDS how great fishing can be. We definitely recommend Deeper as being KID tested and approved for family fishing fun!

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