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Deeper Sonars are wireless, castable fish finders that give you live sonar data on your smartphone or tablet screen. There are three different Deeper models to choose from, each with specific hardware and display options that bring unique fishing benefits.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO
Deeper Fishfinder START
Deeper Fishfinder START
Each Deeper has its own price
Powerful scanning and Wi-Fi connection
Powerful scanning and Wi-Fi connectionApproved330 ftApproved330 ftApproved165 ft
Shore, ice, kayak and boat fishing
Shore, ice, kayak and boat fishingApprovedApprovedShore fishing only (Bank, bridge or dock)
Mapping and GPS
Mapping and GPSMapping and GPSUses smartphone’s GPS for marking fishing spotsDisabled

The ultimate fish finder for shore anglers, it’s the only wireless sonar in the world with inbuilt GPS for onshore mapping. Also great for ice, kayak and boat fishing.


A great option for kayak and boat anglers who want to find fish and map the lakes they fish, and for ice fishing. Also suitable for shore fishing.


Ideal for shore anglers who want a simple, powerful and affordable fish finder to help them catch more.


Deeper START or Deeper PRO Series

The Deeper START is our brand new fish finder model. It offers simple, easy to use fish finder features for shore anglers. Our PRO series models offer more advanced scanning and display features and are suitable for a wider range of fishing styles.

  • Design and weight
  • Casting range and scanning depth
  • Display
  • Deeper sonars weight comparison

    Design and weight

    Deeper PRO series: 3.5 oz / 100 g

    • Removable cap for USB charging
    • Spherical design for smooth reeling and casting

    Deeper Start: 2.3 oz / 60 g

    • Fixed cap with external magnetic charging
    • New design for extra-smooth reeling

  • Deeper sonars casting range comparison

    Casting range and scanning depth

    Deeper PRO series:

    • Casting range of 330 ft / 100 m
    • Scanning depth of 260 ft / 80 m

    Deeper start:

    • Casting range of 165 ft / 50 m
    • Scanning depth of 165 ft / 50 m

  • Deeper sonars display comparison


    Deeper PRO series:

    • Detailed display with adjustable sensitivity
    • Depth, bottom hardness, vegetation and structure, fish icons, fish arches

    Deeper start:

    • Simple, easy to read display
    • See depth contour and mark fish

Deeper PRO or PRO+?

If you think the PRO Series looks right for you, then you need to decide between the Deeper PRO and PRO+

pro series

In fact, there is only one difference between these models, but it’s a big one – inbuilt GPS. While the Deeper PRO uses your smartphone’s GPS for mapping functions, the Deeper PRO+ has inbuilt GPS. So, what does this mean in terms of functions and performance?

Mapping from boat or kayak

Both units use your smartphone’s GPS for creating bathymetric maps while you troll. So, if you are primarily a kayak or boat angler, the Deeper PRO is a great option for you.

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Mapping from the shore

The Deeper PRO+ also has inbuilt GPS, which gives it an amazing additional feature – Onshore GPS mapping. With GPS enabled, you just cast out your Deeper PRO+ to create detailed bathymetric maps live on your smartphone screen. In fact, the PRO+ is the only fish finder in the world with this feature.

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