Prepare yourself for the upcoming fishing seasonStart fishing smarter from only $189.99!

Prepare yourself for the upcoming fishing seasonStart fishing smarter from only $189.99!

    Shows what is going on underwater & where to find the fish

    Small, castable and easy to use

    Works with your smartphone

Choose A Sonar That Suits You Best

  • PRO
  • PRO+
  • Deeper PRO


    ● Ideal for boat/kayak fishing
    ● 260 ft. scanning depth
    ● 330 ft. casting range
    ● Wi-Fi connection
    ● No Internet needed

    Only $189.99

  • Deeper PRO+


    ● Ideal for shore and boat/kayak fishing
    ● 330 ft. casting range
    ● 260 ft. scanning depth
    ● Built-in GPS
    ● No Internet needed

    Only $239.99

  • Deeper CHIRP


    ● Great for fishing in extreme depths
    ● 330ft Casting Distance
    ● 330ft Scanning Depth
    ● Super fast charge (80% in 45 min., 100% in 75 min.)
    ● No internet needed

    Only $299.99


User Stories

Deeper sonars have been tried and tested by amateurs and pro alike.
Check out what they have to say.

We came with a friend to fish on a windy autumn afternoon. The waves on the lake were huge, and we had only a few hours to fish. Our only option was to head to a bay, which was secluded from the wind and waves. Being at the lake for the first time and also being quite inexperienced with fishing, we started scanning with the Deeper sonar. The depth was pretty even, around 9-13 ft. However, we soon found a small drop-off with a cloud of baitfish. We started casting around that area, and even though I was out of luck, my friend landed 3 perch and a 1.6 ft pike. The trip was a success to us due to being able to find the drop-off so quickly.

George Ovcinikov

The features on CHIRP are outstanding. I got to test it out on river currents and lakes of all sorts, and let me tell you... It’s amazing! I like to cast my CHIRP far from shore so I can get a good idea of what structure lays beneath the water and see what lies under that. You can carry it around anywhere you go. No need to worry about wires, cords, mounting, etc. All you need to do is cast it, place it in water, then it automatically connects to your mobile device and gets you started. I highly recommend the CHIRP over any fish finder on the market.

Cody Lukowich

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee


    2-Year PRO/PRO+ and 5-Year Warranty for CHIRP

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