Deeper App

Deeper application

The most downloaded fish finder app on Google Play and App Store, the Deeper App is a must have for any smart angler. Even if you don’t yet own a Deeper, it has handy mapping and weather features you can use to plan the perfect trip. And once you sync it with a Deeper smart sonar, it gives a professional-quality fish finder display. Plus all your maps and scans are saved and accessible in the app.

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 Your maps and scans are an important tool in cracking the code of the waters you fish. And Lakebook™ allows you to access them all on any computer at After you scan an area or create a map, the data is automatically synced with our secure cloud server. Then just login to Lakebook™ to view all your maps, analyse them, share them with your fishing buddies and much more.



Deeper reviews

Experienced anglers share their verdict on fishing with a Deeper Sonar from shore, kayak, boat and on the ice. Plus get the lowdown on how we are reviewed on online platforms like amazon.


Deeper Heroes

Deeper Heroes

Deeper Heroes is a global, invite only pro-staff community of anglers who are passionate about the newest technologies in fishing and who love sharing their tips and tricks with others. These experienced anglers help us develop and showcase new models and features, and in return we give them exclusive access to our newest devices and gear.

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Deeper Blog

Deeper blog

From fishing tips and tricks to advice on how to get the best from your Deeper Sonar, our blog is full of useful information. Our community of pro-staffers, the Deeper Heroes, are hand picked for their great fishing know-how. So head to our blog to learn from the experts and get some great fishing stories.



Deeper videos

See Deeper in action from shore, boat, kayak and on the ice in our video gallery. Get to know how to set up and use a Deeper fish finder, and learn more about how you could use one to improve your fishing.

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