Maps and scans on any computer with Lakebook™

See the whole picture with Lakebook™, Deeper’s unique web portal for viewing, analysing and sharing your lake maps and scans. All your maps and scans accessible at

  • All maps & scans backed up
  • View on any computer
  • GPS and depth data for any spot
  • Share with friends
  • Print maps & download data

Explore Lakebook

Your complete fishing record, accessible anywhere

Your maps on any computer

Lakebook screen

Is your valuable fishing data stuck on your smartphone (or even worse, on a mounted fish finder unit)? With Deeper, your fishing record is accessible anytime, anywhere, thanks to Lakebook™. Just go to on any computer to access your fishing database.

Data synced and backed up

Lakebook data sync

With Deeper, every map and scan you make with your fish finder is automatically synced with our secure cloud server. This means your data is backed up in case anything happens to your smartphone. Plus you can free up space on your smartphone without losing any data. 

Smart tools for analysing maps

Lakebook screen

Lakebook™ has handy tools so you can analyse your maps and pinpoint hotspots. The color scale makes reading depth easy. Then zoom in on an interesting area and click any spot you’ve mapped for instant depth data and GPS coordinates. You can even measure distances between different points on your map.

Share with your fishing buddies

Lakebook sharing function

Once you’ve pinpointed the spot you’re interested in, sharing your map is easy. Just click the share button to create a unique link that you can send to anyone you want to share it with. You can also print your maps, and download the raw mapping data in CSV format to use with other mapping software.

Lakebook screen
Lakebook data sync
Lakebook screen
Lakebook sharing function

Pinpoint your hotspots and catch more

planning fishing trip

A smart fishing record. Your fishing record is the difference between guessing and knowing. And with Lakebook™, your maps and scans are more accessible than ever before. 

No fishing trip is wasted. Even when the fishing’s slow, with your Deeper Sonar and Lakebook™ you can still map out new areas and add to your knowledge base.

Plan trips in comfort. Look over every spot in detail when you’re back in the comfort of your home.

Peace of mind. With all your fishing data automatically backed up on our secure cloud server, you never need to worry about losing your maps or scans, and transferring data from once device to another is easy.

Analyse your lake maps in detail

  • See all your scans and maps together on the big screen
  • Instant depth and GPS data of any spot
  • Distance measurements and coordinates
  • Personalise your mapping display
  • New free features added regularly
  • Deeper scans in one Lakebook screen

    See all your scans and maps together on the big screen

    The Lakebook™ display shows your maps and scans for a location simultaneously. So just click a location on your map and you can see what your Deeper sonar scanned there – depth, bottom contour and hardness, vegetation and fish.

  • Lakebook depth scale

    Instant depth and GPS data of any spot

    Need to know the exact depth of a specific spot on the lake? No problem. Just click on any area you have mapped for an instant depth reading. You also get GPS coordinates so you can navigate back to that spot.

  • Lakebook distance measurements

    Distance measurements and coordinates

    Looking for the right location to cast to, or a spot for drop shotting from your kayak? Use the distance tool to measure exact distances on your maps. Now you know exactly how far out to cast to hit that structure.

  • Lakebook satelite view

    Personalise your mapping display

    Choose from satellite or standard map display options. You can also enable the Fast bathymetric display option, which will fill in areas you haven’t mapped yet with estimates based on your existing data.

  • Lakebook updates

    New free features added regularly

    Our software team is constantly working on new features for Lakebook™. And because it’s a web portal, we can update it instantly. Best of all, these updates are free to use. 

How it works


    Map or scan your favorite locations from boat or shore

    History mode

    Review every map and scan you make in the app – saved automatically

    Lakebook Analize icon

    Analyze in detail on any computer using Lakebook™

    Lakebook sharing

    Share maps with your fishing buddies and download the raw data using Lakebook™

Adding more features all the time

Lakebook features

Isn’t it nice when you a buy a product and it keeps improving, all free of charge? That’s what you get with a Deeper Sonar and Lakebook™. Along with regular app updates, we are also constantly working on new features for Lakebook™. Since its launch, we have already added the ability to view scans as well as maps, plus new ways to analyse and share your maps. And there’s lots more to come.

A few words about your data

Lakebook data security

We understand how important your data security is. That’s why you can only access your own secure data on Lakebook™. No other Deeper users have access to your data. If you have questions about how your data is used, please go to our support page or contact our support team. To review our app privacy policy, please click bellow.

Support Privacy Policy

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