Fish Deeper App What do 2,000,000anglers have in common?

Fish Deeper App What do 2,000,000
anglers have in common?

Whether you have a Deeper sonar or not, the Fish Deeper App is the only app with countless fishing possibilities. With over 2 million app downloads, our community is growing at an insane pace. Download it for free today and experience next level fishing for yourself.

When developing the new Fish Deeper App

our goal was to create the best and most enjoyable app for anglers on the market

However, since the app release to the public, we have faced some unexpected challenges. We are working on resolving these issues as quick as possible, as well as implementing new features so you could enjoy the new app experience to its fullest.

We understand these temporary glitches could be frustrating. You might be missing some of your favourite features and we want to assure you that everyone at Deeper is working tirelessly to get these issues sorted as soon as possible.

We believe in keeping you in the loop, so here is the latest on Fish Deeper:

  • The old Deeper Smart Sonar App is back.
  • While working on Fish Deeper, we hoped the transition process would be a lot smoother, but things turned out differently. Besides a couple of bumps along the way, we are certain that all of our users will soon have the opportunity to use both apps interchangeably.

We will post regular progress updates here and if you wish to follow the app development process or want to find out when Fish Deeper becomes available, be sure to come back and check them out.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support. For more information, please check FAQ or contact our customer service team at [email protected]

What happened to the Fish Deeper App?

The previous Deeper app was released back in 2013 and it was time for a change, so we decided to transform it completely. Unfortunately, after the release, some people encountered different issues and glitches. Since then, we have apologised to our customers for this and are now trying to quickly resolve the problems.

What caused this problem?

Due to many different types of devices using the app, occasional problems may occur with every app update. This time with the Fish Deeper App we introduced a major transformation: we changed the design and control, added new features and prepared a plan for further development. We are developing and updating the app and will regularly inform our users through our channels about the implementation of additional features.

What kind of problems do our users experience?

For some users their sonar data is not displayed properly, the fishing locations they marked are not shown and some of the app features (automatic data saving, Fish Alarm signal, history play button, screen rotation, etc.) are not working. Some users have reported they could not find certain features that were available in the old app which were initially scheduled to be transferred to the new app in the near future.

What features are no longer available in the new app?

The new app temporarily lacks the following features:

  • Weather Forecast;
  • Ice Fishing Mode;
  • Points of Interest (POIs) and their syncing with Lakebook™;
  • Solunar Forecast Calendar.

We are continuously working on improving the new Fish Deeper App, so more updates, including the features listed above, will be released in the near future. We will keep our users updated on the installation of the features.

How many users experienced inconveniences?

Apple and Google issue the updates differently and, as a result, it affects the scale of app installs on different operating systems. Currently, the new app is installed on 100% iOS and some Android devices. Further app release to Android users is suspended pending further verification of its proper functioning on all user devices.

What choices do our users have? Can they continue using the app?

  • If the app has been updated and users are experiencing no problems, they can continue using it, and Fish Deeper will be enhanced with new features in the near future.
  • If the app has been updated but users are experiencing problems or the app is missing some features, we encourage them to contact our customer support team at [email protected]
  • If the app has not been updated for a particular user, we kindly ask them to be patient, because we will continue the release of Fish Deeper a little later, and it will be available to everyone.

If you have any questions about Fish Deeper, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]

Data Security and Accessibility You Can Trust


  • Access all your scanning data on any Android or iOS device through the Fish Deeper App using your Deeper account details;
  • All your data is automatically saved and synced with our cloud server;
  • Log in to Lakebook™ to view your scans and bathymetric maps on any computer;
  • If you are a registered user, your data will be synced and accessible once your transition from the old Deeper App to the new Fish Deeper is complete.
  • If you are a first-time user, you will have to create a Deeper account.

Registration is required, so your app data is synced with our cloud server, viewed on multiple mobile devices and through the Lakebook™ platform.

Planning Made Simple

We understand that time is an important factor when it comes to planning your next fishing trip and enjoying it to the fullest. The Fish Deeper App includes features to help you plan your next great fishing trip effortlessly:

Benefit from the Detailed Display Layout

Depending on your fishing type, the app display shows the bathymetric maps and/or sonar scans. Anticipate any change in circumstances with display header showing time, water depth, temperature, sonar/phone battery levels, boat speed and notifications regarding your sonar connectivity.

Find the Best Location with Offline Maps

Download the maps of your region and plan the next trip in advance without any hassle. Use them as an orientation guide anytime, anywhere.

Take Advantage of the Real-time History

Scan the waters for as long as you want and if something catches your eye, just rewind the data while you are still scanning. No need to pause your scans anymore.

Control Your Scanning

From the moment you open the app, you can decide when you want to connect to your Deeper sonar, start a new fishing session, pause and resume it whenever you choose to get back to it.

Personalise Your Sonar Experience

Do you practise multiple types of fishing? Are weather/water conditions not as good as you expected them to be? No worries, you can now adjust your sonar settings depending on your fishing needs.

  • Fishing Type
  • Display Mode
  • Beam Angle
  • Display Sensitivity
  • Fish Icons
  • Colour Palette
  • Fishing Type

    Fishing Type

    Pick from 3 different modes: Standard, Boat and Onshore. Depending on the mode chosen, the sonar display/settings can range from very generic to much more detailed.

  • Display Mode

    Display Mode

    Customise your sonar scanning qualities: select whether you want your display to be Basic (only with vegetation and water depth, like in the Deeper Start) or Raw with very detailed and crisp quality imagery.

  • Beam Angle

    Beam Angle

    Pick a beam angle from Narrow or Wide (also Mid for CHIRP+). This helps you distinguish how big of an area and how detailed you want the scanning to be.

  • Display Sensitivity

    Display Sensitivity

    Depending on water depth, clarity and bottom structure, you can adjust the sensitivity. Use low sensitivity for dirty water and high for clear water.

  • Fish Icons

    Fish Icons

    The function allows you to show fish icons on the screen, adjust their size, indicate how deep they are located and switch on/off the fish alarm.

  • Colour Palette

    Colour Palette

    Depending on the time of the day and your fishing conditions, choose the colour palette that would best display your sonar settings. Turn on the night fishing feature to help you see the sonar more clearly in the dark (when used together with the Deeper Night Fishing Cover).

Lakebook™ - Fishing Maps at Your Fingertips


Every sonar scan and bathymetric map you create with your Deeper CHIRP+ and PRO series using the Fish Deeper App, available in one place with Lakebook™, your personal journal for better fishing.

Explore Lakebook

Global Compatibility

The Fish Deeper App is compatible with more than 9,800 smart devices that use either Android or iOS operating systems. Google Play and the App Store will tell you if your device is compatible – just follow the links below to check. The app is available in multiple languages (BG, CZ, DE, EE, EN, ES, FI, FR, HR, HU, IT, JA, KO, LT, LV, NL, NO, PL, RO, RU, SV, UA) and works in any region. Created by anglers for anglers. Download the Fish Deeper App today and discover why.

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