Ice Fishing with Deeper Sonar

✓ Save your energy with the lightest ice flasher ever!

✓ Know it’s the right spot BEFORE you set up; just drill and drop to read depth and find fish.

✓ Never forget a great spot – every ice hole you fish is automatically saved on your phone using GPS.

✓ All the tech you need in your pocket with the small, cable-free Deeper Sonar.

✓ Land fish easily with no wires or transducers in your ice hole.

✓ Freeze less, catch more – get into the action faster with instant data.

Your must-have ice fishing gear this winter

Ideal for ice fishing, our fish finders are portable, lightweight, wireless and have excellent target separation for vertical fishing. The Deeper PRO/PRO+/PRO+ 2 and CHIRP+/CHIRP+ 2 are designed to handle freezing temperatures.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

Deeper Sonars use Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone, giving rock solid connectivity and up to 10X faster data transfer than Bluetooth for real time action on screen. NO NEED FOR INTERNET OR MOBILE CONNECTION.

The world’s lightest ice flashers

The lightest ice flashers on the market, our PRO models (the Deeper PRO, PRO+, PRO+ 2) and CHIRP models (the Deeper CHIRP+, CHIRP+ 2) are powerful, hassle-free flashers for ice fishing.

Scanning Depth up to 100 m / 330 ft

Deeper PRO+ 2/CHIRP+/CHIRP+ 2 allow you to scan even deeper, reaching depths as deep as 100 m / 330 ft.

Professional ice fishing display

Features traditional ice flasher, vertical flasher with zoom and traditional sonar display

GPS Ice Hole Marking

Every hole you fish marked and saved on your map using GPS

See more, know more on the ice

  • Traditional flasher

  • 2.5 cm / 1” target separation lets you find bottom huggers and hone in on a target in schools of fish

  • Every hole you fish marked and saved on your map using GPS

  • Traditional sonar displays

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Ice fishing with Deeper in four simple steps

  • 1. Drop in your Deeper – no cables

  • 2. Pair with your phone in seconds and start scanning

  • 3. See fish and depth, then track your lure or bait

  • 4. Map each location with all the ice holes you fish using GPS

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Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar for Ice Fishing

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