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Deeper Sonar PRO

Deeper Sonar PRO

Troll, map, scan and catch with the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO, then use it as an ice flasher in winter. This versatile, powerful fish finder scans down to 260 ft / 80 m, using its rock solid Wi-Fi connection to send detailed sonar data direct to your smartphone or tablet. Mark fish, locate structure and features, map out any water from your kayak or boat, and start fishing smarter with the Deeper PRO.

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Powerful and versatile from boat, kayak or shore

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GPS mapping

The Fish Deeper App uses your smartphone’s GPS for live bathymetric mapping as you troll. All maps are saved and accessible through the app and online.

Smooth trolling

Sending 15 scans per second, and with a fast Wi-Fi connection, the PRO gives very smooth trolling from boat or kayak.

Bottom contour

The PRO’s transducer scans down to 80m and has a casting range of 100m

Dual beam scanning

Cover lots of water with the PRO’s wide beam scanning frequency, then switch to narrow beam to home in on your targets.

Crack the code from shore, kayak or on the ice

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Scanning and mapping with your PRO

  • 1. Pair with phone or tablet in seconds

  • 2. Troll from boat/kayak to scan and create maps

  • 3. Cast out to scan or use for ice fishing

  • 4. View all scans and maps on any device or computer

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Level up your fishing with the Fish Deeper App’s advanced display

  • See fish arches and bait balls, or add fish icons with depth tags and fish size.

  • Locate structure and vegetation, and see bottom contour, hardness and consistency.

  • Choose from 3 color palettes for perfect display visibility, whatever the weather.

  • Mark your favourite fishing spots, boat launching places, camping sites, parking spots and other places of interest.

  • Log your catches with photos and detailed notes alongside technique, equipment and baits or lures used.

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Fish Deeper™ App – Multiple Fishing Possibilities

Every sonar scan and depth map you create with your Deeper PRO series device, every photo you make and note you take using the Fish Deeper App, all in one place with Fish Deeper™.

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Product details


Wi-Fi range: 330ft 

Size: 2.5″/ 6.5 cm diameter

Compatibility: Learn more

Construction: ABS

Weight: 3.5 oz

Connection: Wireless Wi-Fi connection

Depth Range Max/Min: Max 260 ft (80 m) / Min wide beam – 4.3 ft (1.3 m); Min narrow beam – 2 ft (0.5 m)

Temperature: Water temperature Sensor

Temperature unit: Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operational Temperature: -4F to 104F/ -20C to 40C

Battery: Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable; lasts for 6 hours of non stop usage; takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Power Adapter: Compatible with 110V / 240V. Micro USB.

Sonar type: Dual beam

Frequency: 290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)

Color: Black


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  • Deeper Smart Sonar PRO
  • Attachment bolts
  • USB wire
  • Neoprene pouch

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