Night Fishing Cover

Night Fishing Cover


Night Fishing Cover

A transparent cover replacement enabling Deeper sonars to light up whenever the night fishing mode is selected on the Fish Deeper App. Main Features: visibility for night fishing. Best option for: night fishing, low visibility conditions.

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A simple solution for smart fishing after dark

Night fishing cover

The Deeper Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically to enable the use of your Deeper smart sonar at night. The Night Fishing Cover allows a bright flashing LED light to be seen through its translucent orange cover, so the device is clearly visible in the dark and from a distance. It is ideal for foggy or rainy conditions as well, when visibility is low. This small, light replacement cover is simple to apply.

How to use

night fishing cover

  1. Unscrew the original cover and replace it with the Night Fishing Cover;
  2. Firmly tighten the Night Fishing Cover, ensuring the ‘water proof’ marks on the device and cover match up perfectly;
  3. Turn on Night Fishing Mode on the Fish Deeper App and an ultra bright LED will light up.
  4. Please make sure you fasten and close the Night Fishing Cover securely; when properly applied the device will never get wet or damaged.


  • Great product, easy to see the Deeper

    The only thing is when I tight the top up with the Deeper, those mark can’t match up, which makes me a little bit worry about the water will get into the Deeper.

  • I like fishing at night

    It's awsome. The line broke and if it wasn't for the light flashing I would of lost it. I like fishing at night.

  • Five Stars

    High quality, waterproof design which replaces the black cover which comes with your original Deeper sonar unit.


Product details


Night Fishing Cover tech spec
  • Model: FLACC03
  • Size: 2.55 in / 65 mm
  • Weight: 0.9 oz / 25 g
  • Compatible: Deeper 3.0, Deeper PRO, Deeper PRO+, Deeper CHIRP+
  • Material: ABS plastic

Inside the box

  • Translucent cover

Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar

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