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Scan the waters with Deeper sonar and look for vegetation to find carp. Also find spots where weeds meet hard bottom. Find clean fishable areas—ideal to drop your bait.

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Use accessories to make it even easier!

Grab Deeper Smartphone Mount for Any Fishing Rod to conveniently view live scan data on your device. Get Deeper Range Extender Kit to scan even further with Deeper sonar and your bait boat.

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Also fishing for pike?

Find a good location before you leave for your fishing trip. Find out how tall underwater weeds are to choose the correct lure and hook. Look for schools of baitfish in open water to find predators hunting them.

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Want a map of places where fish might be at? Check out Fish Deeper!

Easily identify these spots with Fish Deeper Premium. Go for silt beds, channels, and gullies. Check weather forecast for big carp weather: low pressure and strong winds that change direction.




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