Carp Fishing with Deeper Sonar

✓ What is the depth and temp? Just cast out your Deeper Sonar to get instant depth and water temp readings at that spot.

✓ Where are the depth changes? Retrieve your Deeper to pinpoint the features carp love, like humps, depressions and marginal shelves.

✓ What is the bottom consistency? Use your Deeper PRO, PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ or CHIRP+ 2 to discover if it’s hard or soft, gravel or silt.

✓ How weedy is your swim? Whether you are targeting the carp in weedy areas or trying to avoid snags, your Deeper PRO, PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ or CHIRP+ 2 will show you weed location and thickness.

✓ Are the carp interested? With a Deeper Sonar you can even locate the carp themselves. So if you’ve baited an area, you can monitor if the fish are staying there or not.

Smart Tech for Carp Fishing

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Massive casting range

The Deeper CHIRP+ 2 has a casting range of 120 m / 394 ft and the PRO/PRO+/PRO+ 2 and CHIRP+ have a casting range of 100 m / 330 ft. With Deeper fish finders, no spot is out of reach.

GPS powered mapping

The Deeper PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2 have built-in GPS, which means you can create detailed underwater contour maps of any location. Now your favourite locations are mapped out so picking the best place to set up is easy. And with the features carp love shown on your map, you won’t waste any feed baiting unproductive areas.

Light and easy to cast

All Deeper Sonars are designed to be easy to cast, suitable for spod and other heavy action rods. The Deeper PRO and PRO+ weigh just 100 g / 3.5 oz, and the Deeper PRO+ 2/CHIRP+ weighs only 90 g / 3.2 oz, and the Deeper CHIRP+ 2 weighs only 92 g / 3.2 oz. Our sonars are tested using 2.7 kg / 6 lbs test monofilament, up to 9 kg / 20 lbs test braided line. So the line and set up used for baiting, will also work well with your Deeper.

Smooth, solid data connection using Wi-Fi

All Deeper Sonars use Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, to connect to your smartphone, giving very fast data transfer and strong connectivity (please note, this does not mean you need a Wi-Fi or internet signal where you are fishing. The Deeper sends its own Wi-Fi signal that your smartphone picks up).

See More, Know More From the Shore

  • Know the depth of any spot in an instant just by casting out - it’s quicker and causes less disturbance than using a marker float.

  • Reel in your Deeper Sonar slowly and steadily to see how the depth changes in different spots and locate those shelves and humps the carp hang around.

  • The Fish Deeper App display will also show you where the fish are, valuable information in the winter months when the carp are huddled together in deeper water.

  • Create detailed underwater contour maps

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Fishing with Deeper

  • 1. Pair with your phone or tablet in seconds

  • 2. Cast out up to 100m

  • 3. See fish, depth, structure and features live on your phone

  • 4. Map your location (PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2 only)

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Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar for Carp Fishing

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