1.Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got into fishing?

I grew up in a small village with a four acre Ponds just 200m from my house. The boys went fishing, and so did I. Most of them grew out of it though, but I never have! :)

2. Why do you fish? Besides the obvious, do you find it relaxing, challenging…maybe it’s an adrenaline rush?

Lots of different reasons, mainly because I love the outdoors, but also the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline rush of hearing my bite alarms sound, knowing I've out-wit my quarry. There is so much more the fishing than just catching fish, the unbelievable Sunsets, and the behaviour of wildlife to name just a couple, the list is truly endless!

3. Angling is slowly on the decline in many parts of the world. How do you inspire others to take up the sport?

I have recently gained my Level 2 Coaching award through the Angling Trust, and I sit on the Committee of my local Club. I also consider it to be a great honour to fish for Carp Team England Ladies, and take the role of ambassador quite seriously, hopefully setting a good example for generations to come. 

Paula Marriott

4. Do you have an epic fishing story you’d like to share? 

My local Specimen water was once home to a very special old Common of around 40lb, known as Blind Eye or Frankenstein’s Monster, the biggest in the lake. My campaign got off to a relatively slow start, although not as slow as some in comparison. After eight consecutive blanks, I caught my first carp at 25lb and second at 36lb in just a few weeks. I messaged a friend and water bailiff and his response was “Well done, all you need now is the Blind Common”. Well, just four days later I was back again, and I only caught that Common. We said that my friend talked it up my line!

5. On an ending note, maybe some words of advice for beginners?

Location, location, location. Yes it’s the most common answer to this question, and will always be the most important (in my opinion). You can’t catch a carp if you’re nowhere near them. Ensure your own personal safety around a lake, and then become absolutely proficient in the welfare of that Carp once you have scooped it into your net. Also, there is so much good content online that will help you improve your techniques and catch more fish. I have watched endless amounts of videos online, from casting to tying PVA bags, it’s all there.

Paula Marriott, England.