How To Use Your Deeper Smart Sonar

  • Alex gives a quick run through the basics of how his Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ works and how to get it set up and start casting.

  • The first step in using your Deeper Sonar is ensuring it is charged correctly. Understand how to charge it correctly, what the different colour lights indicate and when you are ready to use. (PRO and PRO+ models).

  • The second step in using your Deeper Sonar is understanding how to connect it with your smartphone and which attachment point to use. Watch this video to ensure you are able to do it correctly. (PRO and PRO+ models).

Unboxing & Reviews

  • Garrett Prahl puts Deeper’s latest fish finder - Deeper START - through its paces. 

  • Steve Meiser gives us the lowdown on the main advantages of the Deeper PRO.

  • Ben Milliken reviews his favorite features of the Deeper PRO+ .

Shore Fishing

  • How to find bass on a hot summer’s day with a Deeper fish finder.

  • Alex and his bothers hit up a semi-private pond that he has never fished before, all in the hope of beating their PBs with the help of their Deeper fish finder.

  • Pond fishing for largemouth bass with a Deeper smart fish finder.

Ice Fishing

  • Save your energy and time out on the ice with the lightest, smartest ice flasher ever. Just drill and drop to find the best spots and monitor all the underwater action.

  • Garrett goes in depth with the Deeper PRO+ and reviews how it performs for ice fishing.

  • 1Rod1ReelFishing tries out ice fishing with his Deeper fish finder.

Boat/Kayak Fishing

  • Kayak fishing for bass with the Deeper PRO

  • Elijah and Paul from the Fishing Montana channel headed out to the incredible East Rosebud Lake for some incredible fishing and it did not disappoint!

  • How To Find Those Larger Female Bass using your Deeper Smart Sonar.