Pick a fish finder for your fishing needs

Kayak Fishing

Deeper Sonars offer a light, versatile and powerful fish finder system for kayak anglers. Install your Deeper in seconds, then troll for mapping and scanning down to 260 ft / 80 m. Sending 15 scans per second, Deeper sonars give smooth trolling and accurate scanning.


Shore Fishing

Catch more from the shore with a Deeper Sonar. Just cast out your Deeper, reel it back in and get the fishing data you need. Whether you want to locate the fish, find features to target, or map out your lake to get the complete picture, your Deeper is ready. 


Ice Fishing

With a Deeper Sonar you can just drill and drop, and in seconds you’ll know if this hole is worth fishing. Then track your lure and see how the fish react - with 1” / 2.5 cm target separation and a dedicated ice flasher display including zoom feature, you won’t miss any of the action.


Boat Fishing

With powerful transducers and advanced mapping and display options, Deeper Sonars are a smart, versatile alternative to traditional boat fish finders. Plus, with the ability to cast out your Deeper, no spot is out of reach.


Carp Fishing

Whether you’re targeting carp in weedy areas or trying to avoid snags, your Deeper sonar will show you weed location and thickness. Pinpoint the features they love, like humps, depressions and marginal shelves. You can even locate the carp themselves. Once you’ve baited an area, you can monitor if the fish are staying there or swimming elsewhere.