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Analyze 3D Terrain and 2D Depth for Prime Spots

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Wondering which sonar is best for you?

We have prepared a comparison table of all the Deeper sonars, so that you would select the perfect one for you, according to your fishing needs.

How sonars work?

Find the right spot Faster!


Know the depth of any spot in an instant just by casting out - it’s quicker and causes less disturbance than using a marker float.


Reel in your Deeper sonar slowly and steadily to locate different features and vegetation areas, and to see bottom contour, hardness and consistency.


All scans and maps are saved to Fish Deeper app. By seeing and knowing more, you’ll be able to find hot spots faster, locate target species better and map it all for later retrieval and analysis.


Find out how the depth changes in different spots and locate those shelves and humps the carp hang around.


Uncover the details of your favourite waters.

2D Depth Maps. One of the largest databases of regularly updated community-based depth maps.

3D Terrain Maps. Stunning three-dimensional terrain maps showcasing topographic underwater features.