Kayak Fishing with Deeper Sonar

✓ Install in seconds – No complicated set up.

✓ No drilling – Just clamp and unclamp. Move from one boat to another.

✓ More space, less weight – 3.5oz sonar with no battery or cables.

✓ Smart tech you can understand easily – Start simple, try more features as you learn.

✓ Remember every hot spot – Create maps and save spots on your phone to return to.

✓ Find more, disturb less – Cast out to scan without disturbing the fish.

✓ Try before you buy – Download the free app to see how it works.

✓ A 4 season sonar – Use for shore and ice fishing.

The fish finder your kayak’s been waiting for

Simple and smart, Deeper sonars have the power to accurately find fish and features, helping you get on the fish faster:

Incredibly versatile: install in seconds with no drilling, or attach to a line and cast out.

Smooth trolling: sending 15 scans per second, and with a fast, powerful Wi-Fi connection to your phone, Deeper Sonars troll smoothly and accurately.

Accurate scanning: scanning down to 80m, if there are fish down there you’ll mark them with Deeper.

Live mapping: troll your Deeper and watch the map on your phone fill in with depth data live on screen.

See more, know more from your kayak

  • Professional display with 3 color palettes, adjustable sensitivity, optional vertical flasher

  • Create detailed maps live on screen as you troll

  • See fish and features as you map

  • All maps and scanning history saved in the app

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How do I use my Deeper Sonar for kayak fishing?

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  1. Attach your sonar to the Deeper Flexible Arm Mount and clamp the mount to any suitable part of your kayak (add the safety strap for 100% safety!).
  2. Put sonar into the water then sync it with your smartphone.
  3. Select ‘Boat Mode’ to create an underwater topographical map as you troll.
  4. Start trolling up to 3 km / 2 miles per hour and get onto the fish faster.


  1. Attach your sonar to any suitable fishing line.
  2. Put sonar into the water then sync it with your smartphone.
  3. Select ‘Standard Mode’, then cast out and slowly reel back in.
  4. With the PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2, you can create bathymetric maps as you cast using 'Onshore GPS Mode' - great for mapping hard to reach areas.

Kayak fishing with Deeper

  • 1. Install in seconds using the Flex Arm – no batteries or cables

  • 2. Pair with your phone or tablet in seconds and start trolling

  • 3. See fish, depth, structure and features as you troll

  • 4. Map any location (PRO and CHIRP series models) live as you troll

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Fixed or portable sonar?

Adding a permanent sonar unit to your kayak is complicated, takes up valuable space and adds weight. But Deeper Smart Sonars are different

✓ Lightweight and portable: Deeper sonars weigh less than 100 g / 3.5 oz and when combined with the flex arm mount, they offer the perfect solution to kayak anglers.

✓ They’re easy to mount: no wires, no batteries, no drilling and no hassle.

✓ Powerful: With a 100 m / 330 ft scanning depth (depending on model) and 100 m / 330 ft casting distance, you'll be able to home in on your target species faster.

Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar for Kayak Fishing

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