Shore Fishing with Deeper Sonar

✓ Find the best spots in a few casts, then get into the action.

✓ Create incredible maps using GPS, with all maps and scanning history saved on your phone and accessible on any computer.

✓ Save time, save money – no more wasted time and bait in the wrong location.

✓ Learn where and how to fish in different temps and conditions.

✓ Try before you buy – Download the free app to see how it works.

✓ A 4 season sonar – use for boat/kayak and ice fishing as well.

Powerful, versatile wireless sonars

Deeper sonars have the power and versatility to give you the complete picture of any river, lake or pond you fish.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

Deeper Sonars use Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone, giving rock solid connectivity and up to 10X faster data transfer than Bluetooth for real time action on screen. NO NEED FOR INTERNET OR MOBILE CONNECTION.

GPS onshore mapping

The Deeper PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2 fish finders have built-in GPS, so you can create detailed bathymetric maps casting from the shore, bank or dock.

Unbeatable range and power

Deeper CHIRP+ 2, CHIRP+ and PRO+ 2 all scan down to 100 m / 330 ft and cast out to 100 m / 330 ft, except the CHIRP+ 2 which casts out to 120 m / 394 ft.

Pro standard fish finder display

Know like the pros with the fully adjustable Fish Deeper App display. Includes a range of color palettes, slide bar sensitivity adjustment and optional fish icons and alarms.

See more, know more from the shore

  • See structure and bottom hardness

  • Mark fish

  • See depth

  • Cast out to map a any location from the shore (PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2)

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Shore fishing with Deeper – Pair, cast, see fish, map

  • 1. Pair with your phone or tablet in seconds

  • 2. Cast out up to 100m

  • 3. See fish, depth, structure and features live on your phone

  • 4. Map your location (PRO+, PRO+ 2, CHIRP+ and CHIRP+ 2 only)

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Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar for Shore Fishing

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