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By Greg Blanchard

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Greg Blanchard Kayak Bundle

Portable, lightweight, and accurate. Your go-anywhere sonar solution.


"Summer is my favorite season for exploring hidden gems. With high angling pressure and falling oxygen levels, remote lakes, ponds, and river stretches can be productive with the right approach. A small kayak and essential electronics, like the Deeper PRO+ 2 portable sonar, are ideal. It installs in seconds without cables or external batteries, providing solid 2D sonar, depth mapping, bottom structure, and water temperature. I focus on deep water near points or structures and never overlook a school of bait fish, where active bass often lurk."
- Greg Blanchard

Limited Time Offer

Greg Blanchard

Deeper Kayak Bundle

The Deeper PRO+ 2 Kayak Bundle is an unparalleled, compact, and easy-to-use solution for kayak anglers. This wireless sonar, about the size of a tennis ball, can be attached to your kayak in seconds without any additional cables or batteries. It doesn't require an internet connection or cellular data; it connects to your phone via its own Wi-Fi.


Deeper Sonar PRO+ 2

Boost your kayak fishing with this easy-to-use sonar. It has a long battery life and accurate GPS for finding fish deep underwater, all without needing data.



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Deeper Sonar Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 for Boat or Kayak

Transform your boat or kayak into a sonar system with this easy-to-install flexible arm mount. Securely attaches in just a few simple steps, no drilling required.



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Smartphone Mount for Boat and Kayak

Easily mount your smartphone on any boat or kayak without drilling. This adjustable holder fits any phone size, ensuring safe, hands-free use in all conditions. Perfect for efficient fishing.



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Lasts up to

9 hours

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 9 hours of continuous use, supporting long days on the water.

3 beam frequencies

With three beam frequencies, it offers detailed visuals through Fish Deeper, its free app, showing vegetation, bottom structure, fish, water depth and temperature.

Built-in GPS

Additionally, the built-in GPS allows you to create lake maps from your kayak or the bank, automatically saving them to the free Fish Deeper app for easy access from any device.

But don't just take our word for it.

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Taro Murata

Fishing Tours

”Deeper sonar is perfect for inflatable boats and backwater fishing and fly in trips. Whether I'm casting from shore or navigating in a kayak, the PRO+ 2 consistently provides precise depth measurements and identifies fish with remarkable clarity.”


Andrew Walker

Cast and Conquer

"I have been using deeper cast able sonar for two seasons now with great success. Whether checking depths from the bank or using it behind my zodiac to map my swims so I know exactly where the structure and the fish are. All in all a great product and a must have for any fisherman."


Ryan Pizzacalla

Tough Country

“I always use my Deeper sonar when ice fishing because it lets me see how fish react to my lure without lugging around a bulky fish finder. Playing with fish is vital for success, and it’s much easier without wires and cables in the way.”


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Greg Blanchard

Deeper Kayak Bundle