Buying a Deeper Sonar as a Present?

Buying a Deeper Sonar as a Present?

So, you want to get someone special a Deeper sonar? Awesome! You check out the Deeper store, start reading up on the models...and you‘re overwhelmed. You’re not into fishing at all, and most descriptions sound unfamiliar to you. Well, don‘t worry – we‘ve got you covered on this one, and you won’t have to learn loads of technical information. As long as you know a little bit about the angler you’re getting this gift for, you can be sure it will be perfect for their needs.

For your convenience we categorised all anglers into three groups and for each group we will recommend sonars that will be the best fit for their needs.


Young, Beginner and Occasional Anglers

How to spot one?

This type of angler it the easiest to recognise – they either just discovered their passion for fishing, or they just go fishing for the fun of it several times per season or year. And they don’t have to try hard to get this fun, a simple fishing rod or two on a nice day off will make them happy. For them catching fish is not a must, it’s a bonus on the whole fishing experience.

Young, beginner and occasional anglers will enjoy the Deeper START sonar. It is the perfect first sonar – easy to use and read. It provides all the basic information an angler needs to increase their chances of catching fish from the shore by detecting fish and helping to understand the bottom of a watercourse.


Advanced Anglers

How to spot one?

You may find them by the water a couple of times per month. They are no beginners and have already developed their ‘taste’ in fishing – favourite target species and fishing methods, whether on the shore or from a boat. You will also most likely see them checking out the occasional fishing video or post on social media. They may not invest in the fanciest fishing gear, but they want it to be dependable and long lasting.

The best fit for advanced anglers is the Deeper PRO series sonars. These are the ‘workhorse’ sonars for any fisherman. They provide high quality sonar imaging and allow to create bottom maps. PRO series sonars will satisfy the needs of advanced anglers whether they fish from the shore, boat or on ice.

Deeper PRO is perfect for those who primarily do boat, kayak, or ice fishing.

Deeper PRO+ suits the all-round anglers who fish from boat, shore and on ice.

Deeper PRO+2 is the latest model of PRO series boasting longer battery life and advanced scanning capabilities, perfect for all-round fishing applications.


Angling Addicts

How to spot one?

They probably try to go fishing at least a once a week, and for them bad weather rarely makes a difference. They probably dream about fishing, love talking and learning about it. They might even wake up earlier just to get that extra hour by the water before they start work or spend their lunch hour with a fishing rod in their hands. Their YouTube feed is mostly fishing videos, they value high quality fishing gear and just can’t get enough of it – they just love all kinds of fishing and simply cannot live without this passion.

When the angler wants the best, it must be the Deeper CHIRP series sonar. These are the most advanced sonars built by Deeper so far, and can be used from shore, boat or on ice. Angling addicts will appreciate the advanced quality sonar imaging and object separation capabilities, that will provide them with the highly detailed sonar scans and bottom maps.

CHIRP is a tried and tested model among angling addicts. It is perfect for serious anglers who want the best quality sonar imaging and mapping capabilities.

CHIRP 2 is our latest model and is perfect for anglers who appreciate the top-of-the-line product. On top of the most advanced specification, it boasts a larger battery capable to last a whole weekend fishing trip, faster charge time and longer working range.


We hope this blog helps you decide on the model best for your angler. If you know little about their preferred fishing methods, just ask them – they will most likely be happy you’re interested! And if you would like more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us at – we will be glad to help you!

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