Who We Are

At Deeper, we never stop innovating - developing new products, improving user experience, finding new ways to connect with the angling community.

What drives us every day? It’s the fact that, as anglers ourselves, we are passionate about inventing amazing new fishing experiences.

Deeper Team

The Deeper Story

Deeper began life in 2012, when two anglers, Aurelijus and Rolandas, were on a fishing trip in Finland. There they dreamt up the idea of putting smart, time-saving sonar technology into the hands of shore anglers.

With an initial idea created, they brought on board tech wizard Donatas. After hundreds of testing trips to the lake and a crowd funding campaign, the first Deeper Fishfinder hit the shelves in 2013.

Today, there are 3 Deeper models, 4 accessories, and smart software tools like Lakebook. Deeper sonars sell in over 50 countries and we now have a team of over 60 specialists.

Since then, 3 new versions have been launched, offering better connectivity, further casting, and more powerful scanning. Deeper sonars are now available in over 50 countries, we’re approaching 1 million app downloads, and we have a team of over 60 specialists working on R&D, logistics, marketing, sales and support.

And with a new strategic vision outlined for the next 3 years, we’re ready for another amazing chapter in out story.

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Award winning innovation

deeper awards

Our achievements and growth have been recognised both in our home country, Lithuania, and internationally. In our first 4 years we were acknowledged as one of Lithuania’s most dynamic and successful young tech companies. Since 2017, we have also received acclaim as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies from the likes of Deloitte and Digital Europe.


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A passionate leadership team

Our leadership expertise ranges from business development and digital marketing through to sales and software development. But we all share a commitment to quality and a passion for innovation.

Aurelijus Liubinas
Aurelijus Liubinas

Director (CEO)

Vilius Juraitis
Vilius Juraitis

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Rolandas Sereika
Rolandas Sereika

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Donatas Malinauskas
Donatas Malinauskas

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Aivaras Bakanas
Aivaras Bakanas

Sales Director

Artiom Diuško
Artiom Diuško

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dalia Skrudzienė
Dalia Skrudzienė

Finance Manager

Martynas Pikšrys
Martynas Pikšrys

Head of Production

A team that dreams big

deeper colleagues

We think big, we act with confidence. The most unbelievable idea can become a reality. It’s only fear – fear of failure, fear of success – that can stop it. So if there’s a boundary we cross it, if there’s an obstacle, we overcome it, and if there’s a fear, we conquer it.

"At Deeper we don’t do average. Whatever we are working, we expect it to be the best in terms of quality and experience. And to achieve our ambitious goals and meet our high standards we’ve put together a team that dreams big." - Deeper, UAB CEO Aurelijus Liubinas


Deeper Mission and Vision


We are a consumer electronics company committed to creative intelligent devices for our customers around the world.


Our vision is to invent new experiences and upgrade your active lifestyle.