Deeper Reviews

  • Will Meiser

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “The Deeper system has helped me a lot to get back in fishing. I used to fish as a kid and then I got away from it. I started fishing again and in a completely new place than I grew up in, so, finding good spots was great with the Deeper system.”

  • Alexander Jacobson

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    Alexander Jacobson, Predator angler “The onshore-GPS mode is absolutely amazing if you need to plot a body of water and keep that information for later use. That is ESPECIALLY useful living in Florida, where I have over 30 ponds/lakes within a 20 miles radius of me.”

  • Ryan Madara

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    Getting started with Bass fishing? Ryan from Rut and River Pursuits Podcast tells us how depth scanning and fish locating is teaching him how to understand the behavior of his targets as the seasons change.

  • JoanRene

    Great little gizmo

    I got this for my husband for Father's Day. After reading a bazillion reviews, I chose the better model because it seemed like it had more of the desirable features. Well, I am now wife of the year and he is very happy with this. We have taken it into small lakes, rivers, ponds, in the kayak and on a motorized boat, even fishing from the pier in one of the the Great Lakes. This thing is wonderful. We see the layout of the bottom, the fish, the depth of the fish, structure, weeds everything all on his cellphone. He really enjoys this and his fishing buddies do too!

  • Raphael P Kinney

    Works good. But

    Works good. quite a job getting to figure out all of the capabilities. Especially mapping is a real exercise!

  • Crystal hale

    Fishing Trips a lot more Easy and easy to find fish.

    Brought this a few months ago and I always wait before I give a reviews. However it works perfect o find fishes with no problem love the fact that its wifi and very accurate. Defiantly great i'm a mom with 4 kids we love to fish so it helps out a lot.

  • David Kile

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “Deeper’s portability comes in handy when you can’t fix regular hull transducers – for example, on rented boats. Now we have a mobile unit to use when we’re on the rented boat. We can find the structure, target the fish we’re after and have a good day on the water. My favorite feature is the Onshore GPS mapping. You can recall these maps, study them later and see what you might have missed while fishing and just be quicker to the structure in the future.”

  • Shane (aka Uncle Catfish)

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “With Deeper systems I found out more about my local lake in Pennsylvania in past 6 months, than I did in the past 13 years. I’ve got only couple of hours after work to fish and I used to guess around where the fish might be. Now I bring Deeper with me and after quick scanning I know where to target. So, I can enjoy fishing for an hour and a half, instead of hunting for fish for an hour and a half.”

  • Steve Meiser

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “It works for kayak, pier, shore and ice fishing. I use it a lot to make bathymetric lake maps from my boat – great for all the small lakes in my area.”


    Jamal Amer

    I seriously love this product

    I seriously love this product. I originally purchased the ibobber because it was much cheaper but unfortunately it was way to problematic for me. I got so frustrated and fed up with it that i sold it and saved up to purchase the new deeper pro plus. I'm so happy I did. Its definitely one of those situations where you get what you pay for. The deeper pro plus works SOOOO much better than the ibobber. I charged it up and headed to the lake for the first time and it connected with no issues. i threw it out at a couple different spots until I located the fish. As soon as i located the fish and what depth they were at, I was catching fish. It was a matter of minutes before we were catching. Once it got slow, we looked at the fishfinder and the fish had moved somewhere. Its great to know you're not wasting your time fishing in a spot with no fish. Overall, I highly recommend buying the deeper pro plus. It has so many awesome features! However I will say, it does occasionally have a little trouble connecting back to the phone sometimes. But if you just take it out of the water, relaunch the app, then put it back in the water, it usually always fixes it. Very satisfied!!!


    Gary R Colwell

    Expensive but so useful

    I had a Smartcast bobber and watch back in the mid 2000's so I was skeptical how useful this would be. Tech has come a long way since then. This thing is a full featured fish finder with gps and bottom mapping. It can be used on a boat or casted. I was impressed with all the data and it accurately located a group of suspended fish next to a bridge support. Casted and bam! Fish on! I have even tested this in my pool and pulled a large storm rubber fish under it which it saw as a fish and recorded its depth correctly along with some stuff I added as simulated cover. Its really fun mapping a local spot and seeing just what is or isn't down there. Is it expensive? Yeah. Does it help you locate fish in dificult areas? Totally. To me knowing an area is dead and to move is worth that extra cash because more of my time is spent focusing on catching and not 2nd guessing the area I am in.


    Christopher Diaz

    One of the best finders/trackers out there

    Great investment. So much information from such a little device. Has been helpful in not only finding best fishing spots, but also for tracking.

  • Amazon Customer

    Deeper fish finder is the way to go!

    This Deeper is awesome, I went to a pond in Colorado and I was able to see a few fish 5 feet from bank and caught a 5 1/2 pound Large Mouth Bass. It's nice to be able to see where all the fish are. I Love It!

  • Gary C Love, Pro Angler

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “Working areas in clear water Deeper helps keep us positioned properly to make the casts we need to trigger these big fish. Deeper is 100% helping to dial in bigger fish on a consistent basis. Deeper Pro + in the hands of a professional anger is a nightmare for any fish species. Deeper gives me complete confidence, I know what I see on the screen is accurate, I know it’s right, I know it’s true. Confidence and trust in a piece of equipment is paramount.”

  • Nathan Edgell, Pike angler

    PRO anglerPRO angler

    “With its extended casting range (330 ft) and strong WiFi connection, it has really given me an edge in determining where to place baits on shelves and drop offs, casting lures and finding the features that will be holding fish.”