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Help us bring the thrill of the catch to more anglers around the world. Let's partner up to put award-winning smart tech on your shelves, designed to improve the fishing experience.

Changing the fishing game since 2012

We've been around for a while now. Developing and manufacturing groundbreaking fishing tech is our thing. It all began with the idea of the world's first castable sonar. The rest is history.

Global brand

Back in the day, we didn't have competition. You could argue that we still don't. Deeper is synonymous with castable sonars and can be found in many fishing stores. Check out these stats.

For all seasons and fishing types

No matter the weather or time of day or how anglers like to fish. Our sonars are universal, and we have accessories for every occasion.

  • Shore fishing

    Made to give the complete picture of any river, lake or pond and find the best spots in a few casts, then get into the action

    Sonars: Chirp+ 2, Pro+ 2, PRO, START.

    Accessories: Smartphone Mount for Any Fishing Rod, Power Lantern, Night Fishing Cover for Deeper Smart Sonars, Tether.

  • Boat and kayak fishing

    Smart and versatile alternative to traditional boat fish finders without external batteries or wires, offering smooth trolling and accurate scanning.

    Sonars: Chirp +2, PRO+ 2, PRO.

    Accessories:  Flexible Arm Mount, Smartphone Mount for Boat and Kayak, Power Lantern, Night Fishing Cover for Deeper Smart Sonars, Tether.

  • Ice fishing

    Perfect to find out if a hole is worth fishing, tracking the lure with ice flasher display and zoom feature, and requires no wires or transducers.

    Sonars: Chirp+ 2, PRO+ 2, PRO.

    Accessories: Winter Smartphone Case 2.0, Night Fishing Cover for Deeper Smart Sonars, Tether

  • Carp fishing

    Ideal for pinpointing features carp love, finding good baiting areas, and locating fish without disturbance.

    Sonars: Chirp+ 2, PRO+ 2, PRO.

    Bait Boat Accessories: Range Extender Kit, Range Extender & Holder, Bait Boat Sonar Holder

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