Roach fishing tips

Roach fishing tips


Pellet feeder

Tackle needed

12-13ft feeder rod (3oz – 4oz tips)


6mm / 4mm / 2mm pellets


The Middle Severn

Key Spots

Anywhere that has been frequently baited for Barbel angling

The Roach are Biting - How To and Tips for Success

Unique to the Middle Severn, many anglers are finding that they’re catching big Roach with pellets, rather than their intended Barbel. You too can catch big Roach, by following these two easy steps:

  1. Use an 8lb main line with a simple running rig made up with a quick change link and 2 / 4oz black cap feeders.
  2. Run this down to a 5ft hook length using 6lb line to a size 16 hook with a small pellet band on a hair rig. A very similar method to Barbel angling, but with a lighter set up. A good tip is to keep your hand on the rod as the bites can happen very fast and often on the drop (when your bait drops through the water but hasn't yet hit the bottom)
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