Korda Now Exclusive Distributor of Deeper Sonars in the UK

Korda Now Exclusive Distributor of Deeper Sonars in the UK

Exciting news! As you may have heard, we’ve teamed up with Korda as our exclusive distributors in the UK. And we couldn’t have found a better partner says Aivaras Bakanas, our Head of Sales: “For us it’s the perfect match: both passionate about fishing tech, and both want to give anglers the best possible options to catch more, catch bigger, and to develop and learn.”

Korda are already working with retailers on our 2017 Christmas bundle deal – a Deeper PRO+ with free Petzl headtorch worth £25. “We’re really happy that, at the same competitive prices, Korda will be bringing our sonars to even more smart anglers in the UK, starting with our best ever Christmas deal, which is now on its way to retailers,” says Aivaras.

For Ali Hamidi, a long time fan of the Deeper PRO+ (off his own bat, btw) and Korda’s Head of Media and Marketing, Deeper sonars give shore anglers an advantage, especially for those of us who don’t have a lot of time: “Time is a constant that no human has any control of, so anything that gains you a bit is an incredible thing in my eyes. These products will have you fishing smarter and learning more about your waters.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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