Riboto leidimo Deeper ir Westin rinkinys!

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Fish Spotter rinkinys

Fish Spotter rinkinys

Pirmas unikalus bendras dviejų žvejybos ekspertų darbas. Riboto leidimo rinkinys, leidžiantis žvejams lengviau aptikti laimikį ir nepaleisti jo iš akių. Į rinkinį įeina Deeper išmanusis sonaras CHIRP+ 2, Westin W6 Sport 15 akiniai nuo saulės ir Deeper kaklaskarė.

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Nepaleisk iš akių savo taikinio!


Deeper Smart Sonar Chirp+ 2

Powerful castable and most advanced CHIRP sonar with three beam frequencies, crisp clarity and extreme accuracy. Ideal for quickly locating target species holding spots, pinpointing predator fish and fishing in extreme depths. Smart fishing solution for any season and fishing type.


Westin W6 Sport 15 akiniai nuo saulės

Functional and stylish sunglasses for great visibility and ultimate protection against harmful UV rays. Ideal for fishing on the water but will also serve well when fishing from shore.


Deeper Neck gaiter

Works great with a hat, as a head cover, or to protect the lower face from the wind and sun. Made from lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric.

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Explore one of the largest databases of regularly updated community-based 2D depth maps. Discover stunning 3D terrain maps showcasing topographic underwater features of some waters. Peak into popular waters, check detailed water overview, mark spots directly on the map, add notes and log catches, evaluate fishing conditions with weather forecasts, adjust sonar settings, see live sonar data, and your scan history.

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