You Only Need a Deeper Fish Finder to Catch Them All

You Only Need a Deeper Fish Finder to Catch Them All

Nick Kost is pulling out a Largemouth Bass in Ohio, USA. It's the 9th species of fish he's caught with the help of his portable fish finder, the Deeper PRO+ smart sonar, "I can't imagine pulling out so many different species, so often, without it," Nick remarks while releasing the bass back into the water. He says, "The thing with fishing new locations is it's hard to picture what the bottom structure looks like. I like to target elevation changes or areas that hold underwater structure, so I use my Deeper PRO+ to scan the bottom and locate these positions. It is also helpful to know if the bottom is hard, soft, or hold any vegetation, when it comes to determining species and selecting selection.”

Nick with Bass

What makes Deeper so helpful in catching multiple species is its portability. It is smaller than a tennis ball, totally wireless and weighing only 100 grams (3.5oz), it’s the perfect size for taking anywhere, to catch any fish, from Black Crappie in Canada to Amberjack in Japan.

What makes the Deeper sonar so versatile?

Deeper´s founders, anglers themselves, got the idea for developing a castable fish finder when looking for giant pikes in Finland. They were fishing from a large boat that was equipped with a hard wired sonar. They realized how great it would be to use this type of technology anywhere, regardless of preferred fishing type or target species.

So they decided to fit superior fish finding tech into a tiny castable sonar. Now, thanks to this technology, anglers all over the world have more opportunities to locate a variety of fish species while casting from the shore, trolling in a small boat or out on the ice.

Let´s see how anglers catch different types of fish using Deeper:

Younes Gonzalez

Species: Mirror Carp

Caught in: Aït Messaoud Lake, Morocco

Younes with a acarp

Pike on app screen

When using a Deeper fish finder for carping angling, it’s not about finding the fish, it’s about finding the areas that attract carp for feeding, like dips in the water bottom or weeds, as pictured in the screen shot. Once you find the perfect spot, bait the area and soon enough, the carp will come.

Richard Handel

Species: Pike

Caught in: River Avon, Hampshire, South of England



Richard with pike

Pike on app screen

“Once I’ve found an area on the river with slack water, I use my Deeper fish finder to check for a drop off, ledge or snag in which pike like to hide. They wait in areas that require less effort and more time to rest up. Then, I like to see if there are bait fish in the area, and if not, I know there will be no pike, so I move on to the next spot”.


Jarrid Dawdy

Species: Black Crappie

Caught in: On an icy lake in Ontario, Canada

Jarrid with crappie

Crappie on app screen

Deeper is perfect for ice fishing. It´s absolutely portable, no wires and very lightweight. The target separation is incredible. You can even track the smallest lure while vertical jigging.

Koichi Tanaka

Species: Black bass

Caught in:  Lake Kameyama, Japan

Koichi with black bass

Since I’m fishing for predator fish, locating bait fish with my Deeper fish finder is key. If I locate the bait, the predators will come.

Toyoki Tanaka

Species: Seabass

Caught in: Chikugo River, Japan

Toyoki with seabass

Seabass on app screen

Knowing the geography under the sea, for Toyoki, is one of the most important aspects for successful fishing. He’s looking for drop offs, ledges and slopes, the places where his target species, like seabass, like to hide while waiting to ambush their prey.

Mari Sakamoto

Species: Sawara (Japanese Spanish Mackerel) & Kampachi (Amberjack)

Caught in: Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Mari with sawara

Deeper Map

For Mari, mapping is essential for knowing water depth. With depth maps, she finds the areas favorable to her target species and marks points of interests on the Deeper App. With Deeper Lakebook, she’s able to review and analyze her maps and points of interest from home. So the next time she goes out on the water, she knows exactly where she wants to go.

Paul Burroughs

Species: Rainbow Trout

Caught in: Lake somewhere in Montana, USA

Paul with trout

Paul uses his Deeper mostly for kayak fishing. No wires, no bolts and it’s very light. Every ounce (gram) matters when you have to carry your kayak and gear out to the lake. Most kayakers use the flex arm mount to troll their deeper, but because of Deeper’s size and versatility, you can easily cast it out to those places that are difficult to reach by kayak, thus making it the perfect companion to kayak fishing.

Mark Mackay

Species: Lake Trout 32.5”, 13lbs.

Caught in: Lake Rosseau, Ontario Canada

Mark with trout

Trout on app screen

Deeper is great for ice fishing in Canada where the ice can get very thick. It allows you to know the right spot in the ice before you set up, so you just need to drill and drop to read depth and find a fish like this beautiful Lake Trout and the narrow beam frequency is ideal for the thick ice.

What species do you fish for and how do you use your Deeper fish finder? We’d love to hear your story!

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